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Ebola Doctor is a Target of Liberals and Conservatives

Both liberals and conservatives are taking potshots at Kent Brantly, the American doctor who served as a medical missionary, treating victims of Ebola before contracting the disease himself.

For instance, Ann Coulter's blog on August 6, 2014 titled "EBOLA DOC'S CONDITION DOWNGRADED TO 'IDIOTIC'," calls his desire to treat the sick "Christian narcissism". She said his ego cost the charity that sent him more money than the services he rendered. She argued that he could have done more good being a doctor at home.

And today on facebook, I saw a link to an article describing the doctor's recent testimony before the Senate. He said,
"Many have used the analogy of a fire burning out of control to describe this unprecedented Ebola outbreak. Indeed it is a fire-a fire straight from the pit of hell. We cannot fool ourselves into thinking that the vast moat of the Atlantic Ocean will keep the flames away from our shores. Instead, we must mobilize the r…