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Around the Blogosphere: Framing the Debate.

I recently commented on a post on Hank Hannegraff's blog, entitled The Population Boom, and Global warming. In it, I do not so much state my position on the debate, as point out - what I see to be - some weak points in his argument.

At issue was what some would call framing the discussion. When we argue for a certain position we must be careful not to permit our opponent to frame the discussion in a way that is self-defeating for us. Hank's post was whether or not we should try and reduce the birth rate. He mentions a pastor, Oliver "Buzz" Thomas, who argues that we are being selfish if we have more than two children, because when we have children we are creating more consumers. Hank, who raises 12 children (6 of them biological,) is rightly offended by Thomas's comment. But he attempts to counter this argument by stating that children will also be producers - and may in fact contribute to solutions to world problems.

The problem with this line of reasoning, is t…